The nursery believes in promoting positive behaviour.

We aim to encourage self-discipline, consideration for each other and for our surroundings and property.

By praising children and acknowledging their positive actions and attitudes we hope to ensure that children see that we value and respect them.

Nursery rules are concerned with safety and with care and respect for each other. Children who behave inappropriately, whether physically abusing another child or adult, e.g. kicking, biting or verbal bullying, may be removed from the group. The child who has been upset will be comforted and the adult will confirm that the other child’s behaviour is not acceptable. It is important to acknowledge that we reject the child’s behaviour, not the child.

How a particular type of behaviour is handled will depend on the child and the circumstances.  It may involve the child being asked to talk and think about what they have done. It may be that the child will not be allowed to make his or her own choice of activities for a period of time. Physical restraint will only be used if a child is in danger of harm to him/herself or other persons and this would be recorded and shared with parent/carer.

Parents will be informed if their child is persistently unkind to others or if their child has been upset. In all cases inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in the nursery. Parents may be asked to meet with staff to discuss their child’s behaviour, so that if there are any difficulties we can work together to ensure consistency between home and nursery. Where this does not work, we use the Special Educational Code of Practice to support the child and family.

Children must be encouraged to recognise that bullying, fighting, hurting and racist comments are not acceptable behaviour. We want children to recognise that certain actions are right and that others are wrong.

Young children often engage in play that has aggressive themes, such as super hero and weapon play. Some children appear pre-occupied with these themes, but their behaviour is not necessarily a precursor to hurtful behaviour or bullying, although it may be inconsiderate. We will develop strategies to contain play that are agreed with the children, and understood by them, with acceptable behavioural boundaries to ensure children are not hurt intentionally.

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