The aim of our Complaints Procedure is to settle any concerns as soon as possible.

Parents/carers are encouraged to discuss any concerns, however small, with the Nursery Manager or with their child’s key person. Any complaints to key persons are passed on to the Manager, who will deal with them and discuss remedies with the staff.

Our policy is to support parents to feel free to discuss any matters openly with us and thus avoid any problems if we possibly can. It will not reflect on your child in any way.

If parents are not satisfied that their concern has been looked into, they are invited to put their concerns in writing. The nursery will respond to all written complaints explaining the action taken and the outcome within 14 days, to the complainant.

A Record of written complaints is available for parents, present and prospective. This is also available for Ofsted.  This complaints Record will not name individuals but will describe the complaint and how it was resolved.  

It is our aim to be as transparent as possible in all matters relating to complaints.

Ofsted details are also displayed on the Parents’ Notice Board.

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