Our policy is to establish healthy eating within the nursery.

We provide a snack for the children during the morning. Children are offered several different fruits or raw vegetables, then a plain biscuit, and water or milk to drink. Water is available at all times. Children can ask or help themselves from the water dispenser.

Children’s medical, personal, cultural and religious dietary requirements are respected at all times and are recorded on your child’s records so must be amended if changes arise (for example, a child no longer allergic to eggs).

Packed lunches

We support the need to reduce the intake of food and drink containing high levels of sugar, salt and hydrogenated fat, which are a cause for concern in the Western world. We ask that lunch boxes do not contain sweets, chocolate biscuits, fizzy drinks or crisps.  Cartons with straws are often high in sugar content and may be difficult for children of this age to open and drink without spilling, so please avoid these.

Children are encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners. Staff sit with the children to provide role models, but children should be able to feed themselves, so please put in spoons if required. May we suggest sandwiches, sticks of vegetables, fruit (remember grapes need cutting and stoned fruits need to have the stone removed to avoid choking), chunks of meat or cheese, rice or pasta.

Children leave the food that they do not wish to eat in their containers so that parents can see what they have eaten.  Parents and carers will be informed if their child is not eating very well. (Please note, we cannot re-pack yoghourts).

Lunch boxes and containers must be marked clearly with your child’s name.

We do not at present have any children with a nut allergy, but would issue a red alert if a case arises. So although we do not allow nuts, at the moment nut products are allowed.

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